About The Mulch Store

Why choose The Mulch Store?

  • Our mission is to retain our customers by delivering them the best quality mulches available, the exact quantity ordered, at the best possible price.
  • We sell mainly premium double shredded and triple shredded mulches.
  • Our mulch is stored on cement floored bins assuring you the cleanest product in the industry.
  • Our trucks are new and we clean the bed after each delivery to prevent cross contamination of your mulch.
  • We load your mulch with a certified 1 cubic yard bucket.
  • We can deliver you more than one product at once decreasing your overall cost.
  • We deliver 7 days a week during the busy season.

What is premium mulch?

  • Premium mulch is made from 100% bark and does not contain wood pulp. Also the finer the mulch the better the quality. Finely ground mulch does not need to be spread as thick to retain moisture and help keep weeds at bay. Finely ground mulch will also give your beds a more consistent and manicured look. Finely ground mulch will also break down uniformly over the summer and thus will look good for the entire season. Lastly the finer the mulch the more overall product you are getting in each delivered yard.
Mulch pile