Mulch Samples

Premium Brown Mulch

$38.95/yd. + delivery and sales tax.   

Eco-Mulch Brown

Simply put, our Premium Brown Mulch is the most pure, beautiful dyed brown mulch you can find. It is made from 100% virgin natural wood locally sourced from right here in Michigan. Double shredded and then thoroughly dyed with a non-toxic food grade brown dye you can be confident that our Premium Brown Mulch is safe to use in your landscape.

Since this mulch is dyed it will retain its color well into the summer. As with our other mulches it will supress weeds and weed germination when applied deep enough. It supports your plant material by preventing water loss from the soil.

If you are looking for beautiful brown mulch your search is over!

Non-organic debris may be present in this mulch.

*Our mulches are natural products and the above picture is a representation only. Mother Nature reserves the right to vary the color and texture of all our products.