Mulch Samples

Composted Hardwood Mulch

$35.95/yd. + delivery and sales tax.   

Composted Hardwood Mulch


  • This mulch is a mixture of black compost and hardwood mulch
  • Our darkest brown mulch available. Looks black when wet.
  • Suppresses weeds and prevents weed germination when applied deep enough.
  • Composted Hardwood Mulch prevents water loss from around plants.
  • Triple shredding creates a very uniform product and helps mulch stay in place after installation.
  • This very beneficial mulch adds the most nutrients to the soil and thus your plants.
  • Non-organic debris may be present in this mulch.
  • There will be a compost smell initially. However once spread the compost smell will dissipate. You can make the smell dissipate quicker by lightly watering the mulch once it is installed in your landscape beds.

*Our mulches are natural products and the above picture is a representation only. Mother Nature reserves the right to vary the color and texture of all our products.